East Tennessee Women’s Leadership Summit

Save the Date!  Friday, June 14, 2013

Theme:  Close the Gap

Dynamic and informative speakers!   An incredible opportunity to build your network of powerful East Tennessee women leaders. And you won’t want to miss the second annual Lizzie Crozier French Award presentation!

The Summit is an initiative of the Women’s Economic Council Foundation, and is co-chaired by Wendy Pitts Reeves and Sharon Hannum. Look for information about the summit coming in January 2013 at, on Facebook at East Tennessee Women’s Leadership Summit, or on Twitter @EastTNWomenLead.


Dalton Dupes Women’s Leadership Salon

Speak up! Stand up! Take risks! Make change! Join the conversation at the Dalton Dupes Women’s Leadership Salon. Discover how East Tennessee women are solving our own issues at the twice monthly Salon.

Courage to Confidence:  Secret Adventures for Courageous Women 



The Status of Women in Tennessee Counties, a new report from the Tennessee Economic Council on Women “assesses Tennessee women’s economic status and develops and advocates solutions to address women’s needs in order to help women achieve economic autonomy.”  The online report allows you to look at the information in your specific county.
From the White House Council on Women and Girls, Keeping America’s Women Moving Forward: The Key to an Economy Built to Last, “examines the ways in which the Administration has worked to ensure women’s economic security through all stages of life – from young women furthering their education and beginning their careers, to working women who create jobs and provide for their families, to seniors in retirement or getting ready for retirement.”
The White House Report on Women in America provides information on people, families, and income, education, employment, health, and crime and violence, pulling together information from across the Federal statistical agencies.  The report, issued in 2011, compiles baseline information on how women are faring in the United States today and how these trends have changed over time.   The report is available online from the  White House Council on Women and Girls.
Following the release of the White House report, the Tennessee Economic Council on Women patterned similar research to determine the specific status of women in Tennessee.  The resulting report is the ELIOS Project, pictured left, which is available online at



Becoming ATHENA: Eight Principles of Enlightened Leadership, Martha Mertz

In Becoming ATHENA, Mertz offers a distinctive, transforming approach for leading in the twenty-first century. With survey research and real-life stories, Mertz demonstrates how time-tested “women’s ways” of leading have become the gold standard for great leaders of both genders, and the building blocks for success in today’s global economy. (

Women Lead the Way:  Your Guide to Stepping Up to Leadership and Changing the World, Linda Tarr-Whelan and Marie Wilson

This is the story of how and why women’s full participation in leadership matters is still seemingly a well-kept secret. To have the future we all want, women must play a more robust role in setting priorities and allocating resources.

Evidence from around the world validates the findings of the United Nations General Assembly in 1995, which set a baseline of at least 30% women at the table as a prerequisite for genuine partnership and lasting, positive change in the international arena.  (

Women Count:  A Guide to Changing the World, Susan Bulkeley Butler

Throughout history, women have struggled to change the workplace, change government, change society. So what’s next? It’s time for women to change the world! Whether on the job, in politics, or in their community, there has never been a better time for women to make a difference in the world. Author Susan Bulkeley Butler was the first female partner of a major consulting firm and is the founder of the Susan Bulkeley Butler Institute for the Development of Women Leaders. (

A Will and A Way, Lynn Hardy Yeakel

A Will and A Way is a memorable message of hope based on the author’s life of advocacy for women and the lessons of history. Readers will find inspiration along with insights into the key issues of women’s independence, values, power, money and relationships. (

Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth, Mika Brzezinski

Why are women so often overlooked and underpaid? In Knowing Your Value, bestselling author Mika Brzezinski takes an in-depth look at how women today achieve their deserved recognition and financial worth. Prompted by her own experience as co-host of Morning Joe, Mika interviewed a number of prominent women across a wide range of industries on their experience moving up in their fields. Mika shares the surprising stories of such power players as presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett, comedian Susie Essman, writer and director Nora Ephron, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, television personality Joy Behar, and many others. (

Grace and Grit:  My Fight for Equal Pay and Fairness at Goodyear and Beyond

The courageous story of the woman at the center of the historic discrimination case that inspired the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act–her fight for equal rights in the workplace, and how her determination became a victory for the nation.  Lilly Ledbetter was born in a house with no running water or electricity in the small town of Possum Trot, Alabama. She knew that she was destined for something more, and in 1979, Lilly applied for her dream job at the Goodyear tire factory. Even though the only women she’d seen there were secretaries in the front offices where she’d submitted her application, she got the job—one of the first women hired at the management level… (


Vision 2020:  If you looking for more information about how we can achieve gender equality in American, check out Vision 2020, a national initiative convening allies and women leaders from across the United States with the purpose to advance women’s equality by the year 2020.

Catalyst:  This nonprofit organization has spent the last 50 years studying women and men to learn about women’s experiences in business, barriers to their career advancement, and individual and organizational strategies leading to success. They have tons of information that you want to review.

Women in the Boardroom:  If you have wondered whether  corporate board service is a path you want to follow, check out Women in the Boardroom.  They have programs to help.

ION:  If you are interesting in more information about aadvancing women into senior leadership positions in the business world, especially to boards of directors and executive suites, check out The InterOrganization Network, advancing women to the boardroom

Women in Technology International: If you are a tech woman, be sure to know about WITI’s and their work to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity.

Watch for more resources, or suggest some of your own!


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