Warm up your publicity!

Do you want to be run of the mill? One of a crowd? Absolutely not! Neither do I. We all want to stand out – to be unique. That means we have to warm up our publicity by making it more personal.

You can do that by reaching out and touching your target audience with personal pronouns in your materials, public service announcements, and any other messages. Too often, we fall prey to speaking about our businesses in third-person. For example, “The Dalton Dupes Agency can help your company increase its visibility.” But what would touch potential clients more would be if I wrote, “We can help you get people talking about your company.” First, it links me to you, person-to-person. In addition, it offers you a benefit that you can really understand and relate to.

Think about AT&T telling you to “Reach out and touch someone.” Or Visa proclaiming that “It’s everywhere you want to be.” Or Lay’s “Betcha can’t eat just one.” All very personal statements, aimed right at you. They warmed it up. You should, too.

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“[Susanne] has an exceptional knowledge and instinct for the communications needs of an organization.” - Deborah York, CIO, Information International Associates
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