70% of American employees are checked out or are undermining your success at work — Gallup

Think about it.

disgruntled team 70% of the people you are counting on every day for marketing and sales, customer satisfaction, quality assurance, innovation and creativity, and even workplace safety EITHER

  1. Don’t care very much about their job (about 5 in 10 employees) OR
  2. Are actively working against the company (roughly 2 in 10 employees).

And that means …

  1. Lost revenue (reduced sales and market share)
  2. Lost reputation (unhappy customers, poor brand ambassadors)
  3. Increased costs (failed QC, low productivity, high absenteeism, high turnover, etc.)


Disengagement happens for a number of reasons. The key ones are lousy communication, ineffective managers, and poor job matching. When employees disengage, regardless of the reason, they tune out and turn off. And when it gets bad enough, they get even.

We can fix that!

If you are ready to have a more engaged workforce, the training and tools I provide are what you need. My services include …

  • Workplace assessments that can diagnose employee strengths AND stressors
  • Individual development plans to strengthen employee performance
  • Individual and team training to turn assessment results into organizational benefits
  • Job matching to put the right people in the right jobs
  • Consulting services to support your managers and leaders

Susanne Dupes homepageReally engage your workforce! Take my short, five-question Needs Assessment.  Then together we’ll get your team moving in the right direction, right now.


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